Setting up a festival is exactly the same as setting up a refugee camp, just without the music. Food, water, shelter, security, medical and waste management systems need to be delivered to remote locations. Dozen's of disparate stakeholders need to communicate and work together with hundreds of volunteers who have little experience.

Where ever these characteristics exist, in any industry, Metavents is the solution. 




To save 1 Million lives and save the global economy $1 trillion over the next 10 years through disaster mitigation and recovery projects. Our vision is to create a pathway to a future where humans live in harmony with the environment and each other.


Between 2003-2013, natural disasters caused over 1 million deaths, affected more than 2 billion people and cost the global economy $1.5 trillion in damages. Each year, $28 billion in donations are collected globally, with only 0.2% of humanitarian-aid being received by local organisations and 4% is allocated to disaster prevention & preparedness. Natural disasters are expected to increase in magnitude and frequency due to climate change.


Rock Against Poverty is a fundraising event initiative founded by the Vihara Foundation.  Rock Against Poverty aims to change the cultural and political attitudes towards disaster mitigation and preparedness through entertainment.

There will be a total of 50 Rock Against Poverty events held in 25 countries. Of the 50 events, 45 will be small, 500 - 1500 capacity venues. The remaining 5 are major events, 50,000 - 100,000 capacity venues. Participating countries are still being evaluated and will be announced late 2017.


Without significant innovation across the humanitarian ecosystem, our next decade will be worse than the previous one.  




Rock Against Poverty has secured necessary content, strategy and event production partners to execute the 5 large concerts. Rock Against Poverty is currently seeking partnerships with educators in creative, music and event industries where students will produce the 45 smaller events as part of a final assessment. These events provide an opportunity for students to not only get real-world experience and mentorship from professionals, but exposure to how these skills can be used for good.


Metavents provides a unique set of planning capabilities that make a global initiative like Rock Against Poverty possible. Metavents empowers event producers to visually communicate their creative vision, risk, logistics and strategies to councils, emergency services, core team and other stakeholders.


Parachute International is a leading event production company working with over 14 festivals across 4 continents. Including, Glastonbury UK and St Kilda Festival AUS that each attract over 200,000 patrons.


FMIN Creative is a highly specialised digital agency focused on creating social impact by innovating in the music and events industry.  FMIN Creative are leaders in the application of immersive technology and strategy within the entertainment industry. 

360 FILM

Ignition Immersive are experts in filmmaking, cinematography and storytelling for 360 video and Virtual Reality. 


Live @ Experience is a 10-week immersive mentorship program that provides real-world experience and pathways to people pursuing a career in the entertinament industry.


The Vihara Foundation is a scientific and educational non-government organization (NGO) with a mission of researching, designing, and implementing new and innovative sustainable strategies for addressing poverty, climate mitigation, and financing for development issues (globally). Our areas of focus are global, with particular emphasis at present in India, Caribbean, Central America and Africa.


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