Metavents showcase at Events Horizon Conference & Tech Expo

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Metavents will be showcasing the future of event planning using Virtual Reality at Events Horizon Conference & Technology Expo, a Digital Innovation Festival flagship event.

When: September 1st

Where: NAB Arena. 700 Bourke St, Docklands. Next to Southern Cross Station.

Parking is available at Etihad Stadium. Book here.


Day - 9am - 5pm: $19

Night - 5pm - 9pm: $25



Events Horizon focuses on accelerating economic development through event industry innovation. In particular for regional Australia. We are engaging a broad event industry ecosystem – from the top down and bottom up. Future Music Industry Network with Metavents, StartupVic and Virtual Reality Content Creators present an all-day conference and evening tech expo highlighting Melbourne as the epicentre of tech innovation with several ‘World First’ activations during the event.


The main presenters will cover a range of subjects from:

  • Virtual Reality event planning and emergency simulations

  • Fostering a startup ecosystem in regional Australia

  • How blockchain will revolutionise digital media

  • How councils can become more innovative

Joel Tiger de Ross

Founder - Future Music Industry Network / Metavents

Dianna Somerville

Founder - Regional Pitchfest

Finbar O’Hanlon

Founder - Linius

Chloe Beevers

Founder - Curate Space & Strategic Artistry


The panel discussions will provide valuable insights into:

  • Where the industry is and where it needs to go?

  • How to stimulate regional economies with events-based tourism?

  • Future-proofing event industry educators?

  • Important trends in sporting events?

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The tech expo will showcase the very latest in Virtual/Augmented Reality and other products/services revolutionising: Music, Events, Tourism, Education, esports

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For full details visit the Future Music Industry Network website here.

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