Metavents revealed at Melbourne Knowledge Week.

It seems divinely timed that the world's most disastrous festival, Fyre, would implode the weekend before the world's most advanced festival planning software is unveiled.

On Friday the 5th of May from 9am - 5pm, the mysterious, Metavents makes it’s debut appearance in the Innovation Zone (state library) as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week. This is not an official launch but a show and tell for early adopters and research partners. Metavents is the end product of several years of research into the challenges of festival planning and management.

So what sets Metavents apart from the rest?

It is the first festival planning solution focused on simplifying the permit application process. Metavents empowers event producers to visually communicate their creative vision, risk, logistics and strategies to councils, emergency services, core team and other stakeholders.

If you are involved in the festival industry then you won't want to miss this opportunity to speak to the man behind platform, Joel de Ross.

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